Issue 53 Table of Contents

By Cinema Scope / December 19, 2012

This is the complete list of articles from magazine issue of Cinema Scope issue 53. We post selected articles from each issue on the site. For the complete content please subscribe to the magazine, or consider the instant digital download version. * Articles available online Interviews He and “I”: João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata on The…

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Argo (Ben Affleck, US)

By Quintin / December 16, 2012

By Quintín Argo might be thought of as Inglourious Basterds (2009) in reverse, or at least as a reply to Quentin Tarantino’s film. While in Inglourious Basterds, cinema teaches reality how things should have worked, Argo presents an example of how things really worked with the aid of cinema. Although extracting a few hostages from…

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Spring Breakers (Harmony Korine, US)

By Blake Williams / December 16, 2012

By Blake Williams Only three years later, Harmony Korine has essentially remade Trash Humpers. In so doing, he has also made a few changes, replacing the cretinous geezers, low-grade VHS presentation, and cacophonous sound mix with heavenly creatures, high-def radiance and candy-pop shellac. If that sounds like an altogether distinct and wholly unrelated film, it’s…

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Stories We Tell (Sarah Polley, Canada)

By Adam Nayman / December 16, 2012

By Adam Nayman Even if they didn’t say it in print, there were plenty of Toronto critics who suspected that Sarah Polley was being disingenuous when she claimed her sophomore feature Take This Waltz (2011) contained little to nothing in the way of autobiography. That Polley crafted her Parkdale-set Scenes From a Marriage after the…

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Exploded View | Bruce Conner’s Breakaway

By Chuck Stephens / December 16, 2012

By Chuck Stephens Scott MacDonald: “Have you assumed that people would look at your films on a rewind, as well as watch them projected?” Bruce Conner: “I look at them on the rewind.” The best way to watch Bruce Conner’s 1966 dance/film/masterpiece Breakaway is to look at it the way Conner would have as he…

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DVD Bonus | Bleeding and Time: In Praise of Amy Heckerling’s Vamps

By Michael Sicinski / December 16, 2012

By Michael Sicinski Several seasons back, before The Office became an unwatchable shell of its former self, the Dunder Mifflin crew had a customarily awkward Halloween party. Stanley was confused about Andy’s costume, mistaking him for a Twilight character. Andy patiently explained that he was in fact dressed as Bill Compton from True Blood. “Oh,…

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Global Discoveries on DVD | Assorted Heavy Meals, Tidbits, & Half-Loaves

By Jonathan Rosenbaum / December 16, 2012

By Jonathan Rosenbaum 1. À bout de souffle (1960) and Le mépris (1963).Catching up belatedly on these StudioCanal Blu-rays that are available only in Europe (or from European outlets), I should call attention to some of their extras that aren’t available in these films’ US editions. On the À bout de souffle Blu-ray is Luc…

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Film/Art | In the Age of Contamination: Gabriel Abrantes’ Tall Tales and Tainted Love

By Andrea Picard / December 16, 2012

By Andréa Picard “Language just, I don’t know, confuses things. Crazy.”—Cookie, in The History of Mutual Respect Disarmingly direct, it’s a gaze that will forever symbolize the tantalizing transition into modernity, as if a single woman harboured the power to dismantle centuries’ worth of objectification, prescribed Victorian codes of conduct, and the dominion of man.…

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Cinema Scope 53 Editor’s Note

By Mark Peranson / December 16, 2012

By the time you read this, the world will likely have ended. It’s unfortunate that the end of the Mayan long count (or b’ak’tun) will fall on December 21, because if it were to have fallen, say, on November 21, I could have avoided having to write this Editor’ Note, or indeed, editing the magazine…

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Opening the Gates of Night: Jean-Claude Brisseau’s La fille du nulle part

By Boris Nelepo / December 16, 2012

By Boris Nelepo “I love to watch the stars. It’s one of those simple things that give me at least a remote idea of infinity along with some great poetry,” the ghost philosopher says in Jean-Claude Brisseau’s À l’aventure (2008), and Brisseau shares with his characters that same longing for the ineffable, as well as…

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A Murderer Cannot Avoid Death: Thoughts on Manoel de Oliveira’s Gebo and the Shadow

By Francisco Ferreira / December 16, 2012

By Francisco Ferreira In an interview published in the Venice film festival press kit, Manoel de Oliveira tells the story of how he came to adapt the theatre play Gebo and the Shadow. A friend asked Oliveira why he hadn’t made a film about poverty during the current time of economic crisis. Oliveira replied that…

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No Sound Is Innocent: Peter Strickland’s Berberian Sound Studio

By Jason Anderson / December 16, 2012

By Jason Anderson A cunningly crafted, slyly satirical, and deeply unsettling tale of a movie sound engineer losing his grasp on reality amid the obsolete tools of cinema’s analogue age, Berberian Sound Studio immediately takes a place near the top of a very short list of feature films that prioritize matters (and mysteries) of sound…

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Find Me Guilty: Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Act of Killing

By Adam Nayman / December 16, 2012

By Adam Nayman Like most other documentaries about people who are certifiably insane, The Act of Killing raises questions about the exploitation of its subjects. Namely: Is it even possible to exploit men who freely and in some cases gleefully admit to the torture, rape, and murder of untold scores of their countrymen? And also:…

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He and “I”: Joaõ Pedro Rodrigues and Joaõ Rui Guerra da Mata on The Last Time I Saw Macao

By Aaron Cutler / December 16, 2012

By Aaron Cutler “Goodbye Lady from Macao” reads a newspaper headline at the end of Joaõ Pedro Rodrigues and Joaõ Rui Guerra da Mata’s short Red Dawn (2011), an unnervingly straightforward view of fish and livestock being sliced open in Macao’s Red Market. This tribute to the recently departed Jane Russell, the sultry wonder who…

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