Aaron Cutler

Time and Space: Moments with Lois Patiño

By Aaron Cutler / December 12, 2013

By Aaron Cutler “Upon entering men in landscape and landscape in men the eternal life of Galicia was created,” reads a quote by famed Galician nationalist Alfonso Daniel Rodriguéz Castelão at the start of Lois Patiño’s film Costa da Morte. Made in collaboration with photographer Carla Andrade, the film goes on to explore the relationship…

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TIFF 2013 | Cristi Puiu on Three Interpretation Exercises (Cristi Puiu, Romania/France)—Wavelengths

By Aaron Cutler / August 30, 2013

From Cinema Scope #55, Summer 2013 Every Film Must Be an Exercise: Cristi Puiu on Three Interpretation Exercises Cristi Puiu’s new film Three Interpretation Exercises is exactly that: three discrete, roughly 50-minute sequences, improvised with three groups of four actors, which grew out of a workshop Puiu was invited to lead in Toulouse. Puiu spoke…

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He and “I”: Joaõ Pedro Rodrigues and Joaõ Rui Guerra da Mata on The Last Time I Saw Macao

By Aaron Cutler / December 16, 2012

By Aaron Cutler “Goodbye Lady from Macao” reads a newspaper headline at the end of Joaõ Pedro Rodrigues and Joaõ Rui Guerra da Mata’s short Red Dawn (2011), an unnervingly straightforward view of fish and livestock being sliced open in Macao’s Red Market. This tribute to the recently departed Jane Russell, the sultry wonder who…

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Recife Breathes: Kleber Mendonça Filho on Neighboring Sounds

By Aaron Cutler / April 4, 2012

By Aaron Cutler A young man guides a few people through a large, white, empty apartment. The room stretches wide from one bare wall to another. It’s morning on a hot day, and dust hangs in the air. The man, João (Gustavo Jahn), works leasing his grandfather’s buildings. It turns out a woman died recently…

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