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Infinite Worlds Possible: Hong Sangsoo on Right Now, Wrong Then
Essay by Roger Koza, Interview by Francisco Ferreira & Julien Gester

Notes on Camp: An Interview with David Wain
By Adam Nayman

Necessary Means: Isiah Medina on 88:88
By Phil Coldiron


Leeching Upon the Lifeblood of the Real: Ben Rivers’ The Sky Trembles and the Earth Is Afraid and the Two Eyes Are Not Brothers
By Leo Goldsmith

Bleurghing the Unspeakable: A Stroll Through Andrzej Zulawski’s Cosmos
By Christoph Huber

Eternal Damnation: Arturo Ripstein’s Bleak Street
By José Teodoro

The Seven Observational Films of Soda Kazuhiro
By Max Nelson

Archive Fever: The Films of Pietro Marcello
By Blake Williams

Fear and Trembling in the Films of Benjamin Naishtat
By Jay Kuehner

Lines and Traces: Jenni Olson’s The Royal Road and Peter Bo Rappmund’s Topophilia
By Michael Sicinski

Secondhand Truth: The Mirrors of Rainer Werner Fassbinder
By Esther Yi


Editor’s Note

Film/Art: Chantal Akerman’s No Home Movie
By Andréa Picard

Global Discoveries on DVD
By Jonathan Rosenbaum

Exploded View: Alternative Projections
By Chuck Stephens


The Third Image: 3D Experiments at Oberhausen
By Tess Takahashi

Canadiana: The Mask
By Samuel La France



The Club by Quintín

High-Rise by Tom Charity

Magic Mike XXL by Kate Rennebohm

Queen of Earth by Jordan Cronk

Mistress America by Angelo Muredda

Web Only

Roundabouts & Entanglements: FID Marseille 2015
By Leo Goldsmith


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From the Magazine

  • Issue 84 Table of Contents

    INTERVIEWS *The Act of Living: GianfrancThe Act of Living: Gianfranco Rosi on Notturnoo Rosi on Notturno By Mark Peranson*Reconstructing Violence: Nicolás Pereda on Fauna By More →

  • The Act of Living: Gianfranco Rosi on Notturno

    “The night scares me so much,” confesses a courageous Yazidi pre-teen girl to a therapist, remembering the period when she and her younger sister were captured by ISIS. Anyone who was seen crying would be killed, they were told; it turned out to be a vacant threat, but the sisters were still beaten, and now they are attempting to exorcise their memories by drawing pictures of them. Does it help? We never find out. More →

  • Reconstructing Violence: Nicolás Pereda on Fauna

    There’s a point in nearly every Nicolás Pereda film when the narrative is either reoriented or upended in some way. In the past this has occurred through bifurcations in story structure or via ruptures along a given film’s docufiction fault line. Pereda’s ninth feature, Fauna, extends this tradition, though its means of execution and conceptual ramifications represent something new for the 38-year-old Mexican-Canadian filmmaker. More →

  • I Lost It at the Movies: Charlie Kaufman’s Antkind and I’m Thinking of Ending Things

    “It’s all planned, but it isn’t thought out,” wrote Pauline Kael in her review of A Woman Under the Influence (1974), a nifty bit of critical jiu-jitsu turning John Cassavetes’ much-theorized—and, during Kael’s reign at The New Yorker, much-derided—technique of spontaneous improvisation within a dramatic framework against him. More →

  • Open Ticket: The Long, Strange Trip of Ulrike Ottinger

    One of the most surprising things about Ulrike Ottinger’s new documentary Paris Calligrammes is how accessible it is. Some cinephiles may be familiar with Ottinger based on an 11-year period of mostly fictional productions that were adjacent to the New German Cinema but, for various reasons, were never entirely subsumed within that rubric. Others are quite possibly more aware of her later work in documentary, in particular her commitment to a radical form of experimental ethnographic cinema. More →