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Leaping and Looping with Shane Carruth – By Robert Koehler

*After-School Special: Joseph Kahn’s Detention – By Adam Nayman

*Middlegame: An Interview with Andrew Bujalski – By Phil Coldiron


*An Ursine Halfabet: Denis Côté’s Vic+Flo ont vu un ours – By Michael Sicinski

*One Horizontal, One Vertical: Some Preliminary Observations on Wong Kar-wai’s The Grandmaster – By Shelly Kraicer

Inner Image Collage (for Tony Scott) – By Daniel Kasman

*Fire in Every Shot: Wang Bing’s Three Sisters – By Thom Andersen


*Editor’s Note

Deaths of Cinema: Michael Winner – By Christoph Huber

*Film/Art: Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan – By Andréa Picard

Spare Change: Into Pat Collins’ Silence – By Jason Anderson

Rotterdam: Cristi Puiu’s Three Interpretation Exercises – By Aaron Cutler

Sundance: American Promise – By Jay Kuehner

*Global Discoveries on DVD – By Jonathan Rosenbaum

Books Around – By Olaf Möller

Canadiana: David Pike’s Canadian Cinema Since the 1980s: At the Heart of the World – By Steve Gravestock

*Exploded View: Chumlum – By Chuck Stephens


*Passion – By Andrew Tracy

*Django Unchained – By Quintín

Tchoupitoulas – By Calum Marsh

*You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet – By Blake Williams

Tricked – By Adam Nayman


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From the Magazine

  • Cinema Scope 79 Table of Contents
    Cinema Scope 79 Table of Contents

    Cinema Scope Issue 79 with Features including .. Truth and Method: The Films of Thomas Heise by Michael Sicinski, Thinking in Images: Scott Walker and Cinema by Christoph Huber, 58th Venice Biennale, Cannes and DVD Reviews. More →

  • Issue 79 Editor’s Note
    Issue 79 Editor’s Note

    Excuse me if I come across as discombobulated, it’s not because of any movie I’ve watched recently. No, I’m talking about far more important things than cinema: this issue is in the process of being closed while deep in the throes of Raptors mania, to be precise, the incredible goings-on of Game 4. More →

  • The Good Fight: The Films of Julia Reichert
    The Good Fight: The Films of Julia Reichert

    By Robert Kotyk In the first scene of Julia Reichert’s first film, Growing Up Female (co-directed with Jim Klein, 1971), a woman takes the hand of More →

  • Jeanne (Bruno Dumont, France)
    Jeanne (Bruno Dumont, France)

    I’ve exited the last several Bruno Dumont films wondering—only somewhat in jest—whether or not their maker had gone completely insane. Until 2014, Dumont was notorious for his straight-faced, neo-Bressonian, severely severe dramas that interrogated the intersection of spiritualism and material form. More →

  • Exploded View | Flaubert Dreams of Travel But the Illness of His Mother Prevents It
    Exploded View | Flaubert Dreams of Travel But the Illness of His Mother Prevents It

    Undersung filmmaker Ken Kobland’s strange, sumptuous slice of classically minded surrealism, Flaubert Dreams of Travel But the Illness of His Mother Prevents It, created in 1986 in collaboration with The Wooster Group (America’s experimental-theatre ensemble extraordinaire) is, too, a creature born from Flaubert’s polymorphous bestiary. More →