Cannes 2014

Issue 59 Table of Contents

By Cinema Scope / June 25, 2014

This is the complete list of articles from the print magazine issue of Cinema Scope #59. We post selected articles from each issue on the site. For the complete content please subscribe to the magazine, or consider the instant digital download version. Articles available free online are linked below. FEATURES AND INTERVIEWS *Declarations of Independence: A Conversation Between Alex Ross Perry…

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Cannes 2014: Who Let the Dogs Out? 

By Mark Peranson / June 25, 2014

…another Cannes film festival whose lineup reads like it could have been cobbled together by a computer programmed with Frémaux DNA…

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Cannes 2014 | Adieu au langage (Jean-Luc Godard, France)

By Blake Williams / June 25, 2014

By Blake Williams. The first on-screen text in Toutes les histoires (1988), the first chapter of Histoire(s) du cinéma, reads (as translated), “May each eye negotiate for itself.” Presented while Godard pronounces another maxim (“Don’t show every side of things; allow yourself a margin for the indefinite”), this text effectively prepares us for the spectatorial…

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Cannes 2014 | Jauja (Lisandro Alonso, Argentina/Mexico/Denmark/France/Germany/USA/Brazil)

By Quintin / June 25, 2014

By Quintín After the completion of his “Lonely Men Trilogy” of La libertad (2001), Los muertos (2004), and Liverpool (2008), people started to say that Lisandro Alonso should do something different. Jauja answers that request: it’s a film with an international star (Viggo Mortensen), features characters who speak in full sentences, and boasts a script…

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Cannes 2014 | Winter Sleep (Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Turkey/Germany/France)

By Jordan Cronk / June 25, 2014

By Jordan Cronk Seemingly preordained, director Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s overdue Palme d’Or win provided a nonetheless satisfying conclusion to a rather undramatic Cannes film festival—and, further, to a closing awards ceremony of otherwise empty gestures and mostly uninspired selections. A two-time recipient of the Grand Prix for Distant (2002) and Once Upon a Time in…

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Cannes 2014 | The Wonders (Alice Rohrwacher, Italy/Switzerland/Germany)

By Tom Charity / June 25, 2014

By Tom Charity For those “in the know,” the Grand Jury Prize accorded to Alice Rohrwacher’s second film was the one surprise on a night where Jane Campion’s jury otherwise played things safe and sure, dispensing awards with dutiful nods to all sides. (Libération described it as the one prize with the flavour of a…

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Cannes 2014 | Saint Laurent (Bertrand Bonello, France)

By Boris Nelepo / June 25, 2014

By Boris Nelepo “Names, no doubt, are whimsical draughtsmen, giving us of people as well as of places sketches so unlike the reality that we often experience a kind of stupour when we have before our eyes in place of the imagined, the visible world (which, for that matter, is not the real world, our…

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