Issue 84 Table of Contents


*The Act of Living: Gianfranco Rosi on Notturno
By Mark Peranson

*Reconstructing Violence: Nicolás Pereda on Fauna
By Jordan Cronk


*A Pierce of the Action: On Claudine and Uptight
By Andrew Tracy

*I Lost It at the Movies: Charlie Kaufman’s Antkind and I’m Thinking of Ending Things
By Adam Nayman

*Open Ticket: The Long, Strange Trip of Ulrike Ottinger
By Michael Sicinski

Movies for Robots: Isiah Medina’s Inventing the Future
By Phil Coldiron

Moving Toward and Away from Horror: 100 Years of Olympic Films, 1912–2012
By Linda C. Ehrlich

*The Home and the World: Three Films by Ruchir Joshi 
By Jesse Cumming

Paulo Rocha’s Signs of Life
By Robert Koehler

*Chums at Midnight: On Hopper/Welles
By Alex Ross Perry


*Editor’s Note

*Books | Molto Bene: The Life and Deeds of a Selfless Egomaniac
By Celluloid Liberation Front

Film/Art | Kurt Schwitters’ Ursonate
By Shelly Kraicer

TV or Not TV | Judged and Found Wanting: How Silicon Valley Continued Mike Judge’s Satirical Anthropology
By Christoph Huber

DVD Bonus |Francis Savel’s Équation à un inconnu
By Lawrence Garcia

*Global Discoveries on DVD | Presumptions & Biases
By Jonathan Rosenbaum

*Exploded View | Chick Strand’s Artificial Paradise
By Chuck Stephens


*The Inheritance
By James Lattimer

By Angelo Muredda

By Mallory Andrews

Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets
By Brendan Boyle

First Cow
By Josh Cabrita


*Festivals | Fantasia 2020: Unexpected Pleasures
By Katherine Connell