Dennis Lim

Holy Motors (Leos Carax, France)

By Dennis Lim / June 24, 2012

By Dennis Lim The media gauntlet is so much a part of the Cannes infrastructure that Leos Carax’s decision to withdraw from it was both bold and telling. Despite having one of the most talked-about films at this year’s festival with Holy Motors, Carax granted no interviews, and his public pronouncements were confined to a…

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TIFF Countdown -7: A Dangerous Method / The Turin Horse / Dreileben

By cscope2 / September 1, 2011

Cinema Scope 48 Preview: A Dangerous Method (David Cronenberg, Canada/Germany) By Richard Porton The title of Russell Jacoby’s 1983 polemic, The Repression of Psychoanalysis, suggests that the radical implications of the Freudian tradition have become muddled in an era where nothing seems more safely middle-class than a session on the couch with the shrink of…

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TIFF Countdown -8: Monsieur Lazhar / Melancholia / Michael

By cscope2 / August 31, 2011

Cinema Scope 48 Preview: Monsieur Lazhar (Philippe Falardeau, Canada) By Jason Anderson Few lives go untouched by some form of trauma or catastrophe, yet compassion is often the last thing we spare for the people who cross our paths, especially when there’s no obvious indication they might need anything from us. This point was elegantly…

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The Decade in Review | Dennis Lim

By Dennis Lim / March 16, 2010

David Lynch is not an overlooked filmmaker and Mulholland Drive is not a film in need of championing—quite the contrary, since it has already won the decade-end critics’ polls of several other publications. Still, this near-unanimous canonization is not just surprising but suggestive in ways that have largely gone unremarked. It’s worth taking a moment…

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