Tomas Hachard

TIFF 2013 | Ningen (Guillaume Giovanetti & Cagla Zencirci, Japan/Turkey)—Contemporary World Cinema

By Tomas Hachard / September 4, 2013

By Tomas Hachard A Raccoon and a Fox discover a Human burying a bag of gold. Certain that he has much more of it, the two animals transform into humans themselves, and bet on which can convince him to hand over his wealth first. The catch: they must remain humans until one of them wins.…

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TIFF 2013 | Qissa (Anup Singh, Germany/India/Netherlands/France)—Contemporary World Cinema

By Tomas Hachard / September 3, 2013

By Tomas Hachard With what sounds like a doleful take on the Game of Thrones theme music playing behind them, Qissa’s opening credits quickly establish the film’s weighty tone, confirmed immediately in the film’s moody first scene, where an aged man questions himself: “What am I? Who am I? What curse have I brought upon…

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