Welcome to Cinema Scope online, a weekly updated web supplement to the print version of Cinema Scope. In the magazine, we have a limited amount of space to pack the world of Cinema As We Know It in. So, for example, while we might cover the “major” “premiere” festivals in print, in the weekly updates you’ll find more festival reports, as well as articles on retrospectives and the like taking place in our immediate and general global jurisdiction. This is a Canadian film magazine based in Toronto, and that’s an important part of the mandate.

The web supplement will also cover current hot-button releases, surely of varying quality. Frankly, after being inundated by the onslaught of coverage such films economically demand, a few months later the idea of writing (or editing) pieces about them isn’t all that interesting to me, but in the heat of the moment it can be fun to participate in the current debate. We’ve begun our weekly updates with a brief look back at the year in film, reviews of films we missed and/or were underappreciated by the film world at large, and the announcement of the Cinema Scope Top Ten, and will continue to post articles every week here, so bookmark this page and spread the word…

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