Cloud Atlas

Star Maps: Wachowski/Tykwer/Wachowski’s Cloud Atlas

By Michael Sicinski / October 29, 2012

By Michael Sicinski As a teacher, two things I often find myself coming back to are Speed Racer and Jean-Marie Straub. Lest that sound willfully perverse, let me explain. We all have built-in aesthetic prejudices and predilections, based on our viewing histories and other extrinsic factors. Theorizing taste is a complex matter indeed. But as…

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TIFF Day 6: Camp 14: Total Control Zone | Cloud Atlas | Everyday | In Another Country | Key of Life | The Lesser Blessed | London – The Modern Babylon | Silver Linings Playbook | When I Saw You | Writers

By cscope2 / September 11, 2012

Camp 14: Total Control Zone (Marc Wiese, Germany)—TIFF Docs By Adam Cook Camp 14 is not the most enjoyable film: it’s not easy to watch, it’s slow, and the subject matter is difficult territory, but it’s territory explored with commendable moral intelligence by director Marc Wiese. The main subject of the film is Shin Dong-huyk,…

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