Adirley Queirós

Cinema Scope Issue 92 | Table of Contents

Interviews with Kelly Reichardt, Cyril Schäublin, Olivier Assayas. Features, Columns and more.
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Can the Centre Hold?: The Films of Adirley Queirós

The periphery is always the centre in the films of Adirley Queirós, whether in terms of the people and places at the focus of his attention or the off-centre stylistic means he employs to explore their tribulations, and, by extension, those of Brazil.
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Cinema Scope Magazine 92: Editor’s Note

we shouldn’t forget the reasons why we all got into this job in the first place, which is the promotion of film as an art form. The impact that festivals have on general art-house distribution should not be overlooked; of course, as touched on above, sometimes it’s the distributor who decides to skip festival screenings for certain films, because everyone has their reasons.
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