Cinema Scope Table of Contents 96


Workingman’s Death: Radu Jude on Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World by Jordan Cronk

Outside In: Eduardo Williams on The Human Surge 3 by Blake Williams

The Phantom of the Opera: Atom Egoyan on Seven Veils by Adam Nayman

Afterlife: Kleber Mendonça Filho on Pictures of Ghosts by Tom Charity


First Looks: Chantal Akerman at 17 by Kate Rennebohm

Savagery Begins at Home: The Film Rituals of Joshua Gen Solondz by Michael Sicinski

The Arc of the Moral Universe: The Films of Deepa Dhanraj by Will Sloan

The King is Dead, Long Live the King: Towards a Brief History of Chess in the Movies by Christoph Huber


Editor’s Note by Mark Peranson

Deaths of Cinema | William Friedkin by Chuck Stephens

Books | Gilles Deleuze’s Cinema 1: The Movement-Image and Cinema 2: The Time-Image by Lawrence Garcia and Josh Cabrita

Film/Art | Rose Lowder by Phil Coldiron

Global Discoveries on DVD by Jonathan Rosenbaum


L’été dernier by Madeleine Wall

Mademoiselle Kenopsia by Winnie Wang

Oppenheimer by Robert Koehler

Orlando, ma biographie politique by Holden Seidlitz

Perfect Days by Beatrice Loayza

Talk to Me by Katherine Connell Tracy Andrew