J.P. Sniadecki

Documentary Is Just One of My Tools: The Digital Film Activism of Ai Weiwei

By J.P. Sniadecki / December 20, 2011

By J.P. Sniadecki The celebrity status of Chinese artist, architect, and social activist Ai Weiwei has been steadily constructed over the past decade via his multimedia provocations and large-scale interventions in both art and politics. Combining a bold conceptual vision with a staunch belief in the artist’s role as social critic, his works have aimed…

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Interviews | Every Day Is a Holiday: Li Hongqi on Winter Vacation

By J.P. Sniadecki / December 17, 2010

By J.P. Sniadecki If Chinese filmmaker, poet, and novelist Li Hongqi’s two previous films, So Much Rice (2005) and Routine Holiday (2008), did yet not place him alongside the much less funny Michael Haneke among the top figures of misanthropic cinema, then his third and most accomplished feature, Winter Vacation, has guaranteed his membership for…

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