Eric Hynes

Some Kind of Monster: True/False 2013

By Eric Hynes The new word was politely forced upon me, the result of fraught late-night deliberations not unlike those between expectant parents. In fall of 2012, I was commissioned by the programmers of the True/False Film Festival (festival founders Paul Sturtz and David Wilson, along with associate Chris Boeckmann) to curate four historical films…
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Forever Young: Dispatching the 2012 True/False Film Festival

By Eric Hynes The value and importance of True/False Film Festival could be discerned within the first few hours of its ninth iteration. At the Forrest Theater, a copiously chandeliered ballroom-cum-screening room upstairs at the Tiger Hotel, the ten-story Jazz-age building that nevertheless towers over cozy Columbia, Missouri, a film premiered without a track record…
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South By Midwest: Dispatching True/False and SXSW

By Eric Hynes As suggested by the slash, the True/False Festival plays around the line between fiction and non-fiction. The slanted punctuation doesn’t pose a question, make a claim, or even assume an opposition. This highly concentrated, highly curated weekend survey distinguishes itself from a glut of North American film festivals not by taking a…
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