Brendan Boyle

The Lost Okoroshi (Abba Makama, Nigeria) — Discovery

By Brendan Boyle / September 7, 2019

By Brendan Boyle Director Abba Makama displays an array of tones in his Lagos odyssey The Lost Okoroshi, which follows Raymond Obinwa (Seun Ajayi), a shiftless security worker who commutes to the city and, one morning, finds himself transformed in his bed into the voiceless purple spirit of his dreams. Stricken mute by his transformation,…

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Pelican Blood (Katrin Gebbe, Germany/Bulgaria) — Special Presentations

By Brendan Boyle / September 2, 2019

By Brendan Boyle  Early in Katrin Gebbe’s Pelican Blood, an abrupt edit takes the viewer to the scene of a clash between police and rioters. Smoke hangs in the air and the mounted police struggle to control their horses. After a moment it becomes clear that the scene is being staged: the rioters are only…

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