Lorenzo Esposito

Monrovia, Indiana (Frederick Wiseman, US) — TIFF Docs

By Lorenzo Esposito / September 8, 2018

By Lorenzo Esposito At the end of the screening of Monrovia, Indiana in Venice, a young man approached Fred Wiseman and told him, “Maestro, your films will be understood in 20 years.” Wiseman, laughing, replied: “I wanna be there!” It is not a joke, but maybe the closest thing to Wiseman’s idea of ​​cinema that…

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Wajib (Annemarie Jacir, Palestine/France/Germany/ Colombia/Norway/Qatar/UAE) — Contemporary World Cinema

By Lorenzo Esposito / September 3, 2017

By Lorenzo Esposito What does it mean to be a Palestinian abroad? What does it mean to be a Palestinian at home? Can the struggle between the two identities tell us something honest about a Palestinian society living under the Israeli occupation? Wajib, Annemarie Jacir’s third feature, confirms the director’s ability to show and discuss…

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The Woman Who Left (Lav Diaz, Philippines) — Wavelengths

By Lorenzo Esposito / September 9, 2016

By Lorenzo Esposito If there’s someone who thinks that The Woman Who Left is a minor Lav Diaz film—because it’s the second one this year, or because, at 227 minutes, it’s “short” for him (film critics’ clichés are both endless and predictable)—let’s say up front that this is one of his best. And this is…

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