Joseph Pomp

Ulysses & Mona (Sébastien Betbeder, France) — Contemporary World Cinema

By Joseph Pomp / September 14, 2018

By Joseph Pomp A young art student develops a morbid fixation on a washed-up artist and offers her apprentice services in an effort to lure him back out into the world—how in the world could this premise fall flat? In a few ways that Ulysses & Mona indeed sees through, such as by wallowing in…

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Core of the World (Natalia Meshchaninova, Russia/Lithuania) — Contemporary World Cinema

By Joseph Pomp / September 7, 2018

By Joseph Pomp The notion that work is rarely depicted with seriousness in the cinema has at this point become a truism, but few narrative films make it their bread and butter as much as Core of the World does. An affecting character study of a lone-wolf veterinarian at a kennel for hunting dogs in…

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